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Treescape is contracted by Energex to manage vegetation on their High Voltage powerline network in an area south from the Brisbane River to the New South Wales border.

The team is responsible for scoping the work, negotiating with stakeholders and local authorities for tree removals, clearing the vegetation to the client’s profile and then maintaining that profile until the next clearance cycle.

This contract sees Treescape working throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area and poses some significant challenges for the crews employed there as road space is at a premium, and crews are often asked to trim and remove mature vegetation in some very tight spaces.

Treescape’s modern fleet of EWP’s (Elevated Work Platforms) and chipper/tipper units are custom built to enable our crews to safely and precisely access the powerline corridor and perform the necessary work to meet our client’s needs.

Energex has extremely high safety standards that Treescape are vigilant about meeting.  We have a robust auditing regime which ensures that each individual member of our field crews receive a safety audit each month.

To ensure that our crews are working efficiently we employ a team of field crew mentors who can help our crews to refine their skills and adopt new techniques –  constantly updating training is essential to both safety and productivity.

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